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GuruTeam offers high end technical ICT learning, mentoring and consultancy services in both Ireland, UK and globally. With an exceptional team of outstanding consultants and instructors, we specialise in formulating customised learning programmes which meets the specific needs of your IT staff and business environment.

With over 250 courses available, and the largest supplier of Accredited Open Source Linux training in Ireland, we have locations in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast. Our Accreditations include the DevOps Institute, Linux Foundation, Linux Professional Institute, Cloud Credential Council and CompTIA.


Our Mission Statement

“To deliver an enthusing and valuable learning experience, equipping our clients with the vital skills applicable to their work environment, bringing true business value to each organisation we work with.”


What Makes Us Different

Our Carefully Chosen Highly Skilled Instructors

Our instructors are specialist consultants with, on average, 20 years of real world experience  and expertise allowing them to provide, design and deliver specialized courses for you.
With a real interest and passion in their favoured technologies which is reflected in their methods of delivery.


We will come to you
Our hassle-free mobile training service can be brought to your preferred location. By offering you training in your preferred location we can make the training suit you, possibly saving you time and money by cutting down on travel time, accommodation expenses and time away from the office. We also offer the choice of using your own hardware or supply the hardware for you.


Our Course Structure, Care Planning
You can avail of our previously prepared courses or we can tailor and design a course specifically for you by clarifying your particular requirements. By focusing on those needs we can omit unnecessary content which may not be relevant to your requirements. This cuts out wasted training time and costs

Practise Enhances Skills, Ample Lab Exercises
We place great emphasis on the benefits of performing numerous challenging lab exercises throughout our courses. This has been proven to help you to learn more efficiently and retain newly learned hands-on skills. This also has more lasting benefits which you will experience when you return to your work environment.


Course Delivery, We Exceed Expectations

We bring not just the world of the classroom but the world of architectural and operational advice to the delivery of a course.
By being familiar with the Business Pressures involved in delivery, we can help reduce the time to final solution/product, For example, helping you decide when it is faster to install by hand or automate for reliability and scale.

We also talk about how to assess costs of technologies for your business; where the risks are; what can be done to reduce both issues.
How can you reduce the risks and assess costs of technologies pertinent to your business?

There is never usually only one stock answer understanding, your journeys allow you to travel the route to learning and achieving the solution that suits  your business, allowing you a better understanding of how to progress your team’s capabilities, and ultimately the success of your business


Feedback, Why Instructor Led? – What our Course Attendees Say
The personal interaction between the course participants and GuruTeam instructors throughout each programme is a vital part of knowledge and skills transfer. This instructor led type of training environment lends to more open, personal and beneficial discussions between both participant and instructor.
Those who attend our courses leave not just with new skills and tools which they can immediately apply to their business environment, but with a greater enthusiasm which is inspired by our highly skilled Instructors who have a natural interest and zeal for the technologies in which they specialise. Because all aspects of our learning service are truly client focused, our clients consistently say that our training deliveries have exceeded their expectations.



Technical ICT learning & mentoring services

Private Team Training

Our instructors are specialist consultants with vast real world experience and expertise allowing them to design and deliver client-focused courses for your organisation.

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What Our Clients Say

“Very interesting course from an excellent instructor. Highly technical and well delivered”


Introduction to Modern Security - GTJ50

Dec '17

“Super experience. The instructor spoke with great knowledge and experience. The materials will be invaluable in the real world”


Professional Cloud Service Manager Certification training- GTC13

Dec '17

“Very useful course, making complex topics more approachable and the instructor was very good at getting concepts across and engaging with delegates and our specific needs”


Optimising Java - GTJ47

Dec '17

“This was an excellent course and I found it very interesting and enjoyable.  The instructor was a font of knowledge on all aspects of Big Data and Analytics and was enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge”


Applied Data Science and Big Data Analytics - GTBD7

Nov '17

“The instructor was fantastic at explaining lessons with applicable work type examples.  He was enthusiastic with what he was teaching which made learning the course more enjoyable”


Linux Essentials Certification - GTU2

Oct '17

"Intelligence is the ability to avoid doing work, yet
getting the work done"

Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux and GIT

Technical ICT learning & mentoring services

About GuruTeam

GuruTeam is a high-level ICT Learning, Mentoring and Consultancy services company. We specialise in delivering instructor-led on and off-site training in Blockchain, Linux, Cloud, Big Data, DevOps, Kubernetes, Agile, Software & Web Development technologies. View our Testimonials

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1 - 4 Apr - DUBLIN

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11 - 13 Mar


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Applied Data Science with Python

Dublin 9-10 April

Berlin 15-16 April

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Introduction to Python 3

11 - 13 Mar


Python is a powerful and popular object-oriented programming/scripting language with many high quality libraries.

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